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Technology Overview

Enhancing the Natural Healing Process
BioSET® specializes in developing orthobiologic devices—medical technologies that combine the mechanical benefits of medical devices with bioactive treatments to improve device performance. Our bioactive treatments work, in part, by delivering the chemical signals that guide the body’s natural healing processes. We have developed a library of these signaling compounds, targeting specific mechanisms of action.

Peptide library slide
Peptides developed by BioSET. Amplex with B2A® is in clinical trials.
F2A™ for soft tissue repair is in pre-clinical development with Tornier, Inc. (Eden Prairie, MN).

Custom-Designed Treatments + Tissue-Specific Scaffolds
The key to our technology is pairing custom-designed bioactive treatments with tissue-specific scaffolds. The scaffolds provide the necessary biomaterial for new cell integration and the bioactive compounds guide the healing process. Medical research services offered.

For example, our lead product, Amplex, combines bioresorbable ceramic granules as the scaffold with our patented B2A peptide as the bioactive compound to enhance bone healing. Find out more.

BioSET is also developing the F2A peptide to enhance soft tissue healing repair, such as of torn muscle, tendons and ligaments. Find out more.

We believe that these types of combination devices will profoundly change how healthcare is delivered, providing powerful new tools to surgeons and, ultimately, better outcomes for patients.