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Product Overview

Our products are next-generation combination devices that pair bioactive peptides with tissue-specific scaffolds. The scaffolds provide the necessary biomaterial for cell integration, while the bioactive peptides guide the cellular repair process.

All BioSET® products are designed for:

  • simple preparation
  • ease of use in current surgical techniques
  • convenient hospital storage


BioSET’s product development activities are focused on orthobiologics applications. Our lead product in this area is Amplex*, an implantable combination device currently in clinical trials for use in spine fusion surgery. Amplex combines a bioresorbable ceramic scaffold in granule form with our patented B2A® peptide with the goal of enhancing bone healing.

In addition to lumbar spine fusion, BioSET is also pursuing AMPLEX for use in cervical spine fusion and foot and ankle fusion. While these applications may not be as biologically challenging as lumbar spine, they nevertheless represent areas of high clinical need and large patient populations. Find out more.

Sports Medicine

BioSET is also in active development of products for sports medicine applications based on our patented F2A™ peptide. We have established a collaborative program with Tornier, Inc. (Edina, MN) to develop products that will incorporate the F2A technology.
Find out more.

Other Applications

BioSET is evaluating appropriate peptide signaling molecules and various scaffold biomaterials for use in musculoskeletal applications such as trauma, fracture repair and additional soft tissue treatments.

* Note that the pilot clinical studies are being conducted under the trade name “Prefix®”.