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Amplex™: Bone Graft Materials

Targeting Amplified Bone Repair

Amplex is fully synthetic and is provided in kit form. When prepared, it combines:

  • B2A, a bioactive peptide targeting the BMP2 pathway
  • Bi-phasic HA/bTCP ceramic granules, a bone-friendly graft material

B2A is intended to amplify the body’s natural bone-healing cascade, and the ceramic graft provides a scaffold on which new bone cells can grow. The result will be a fully off-the-shelf alternative to current bone graft limitations.

BioSET AMPLEX product
Amplex is supplied as a kit of B2A peptide and ceramic granules,
which are combined at the time of surgery.

The Amplex Advantage

Amplex is being developed to:

  • Eliminate the need for autograft from the hip or pelvis
  • Use man-made materials to eliminate the risk of infection or disease transmission
  • Easily incorporate into current surgical technique
  • Provide long shelf life at room temperature storage

Enhanced Healing

Amplex has been shown to increase bone repair and effectively induce spinal fusion in animal models.1,2,3 Clinical trials are currently underway to demonstrate if Amplex is safe and effective for lumbar spinal fusion and can replace the need for surgically harvesting bone graft from the iliac crest.
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B2A Peptide amplifies bone repair 1,2,3

B2A was designed to work in concert with the body's natural healing response (BMP-2) at the cellular level to ultimately improve bone repair and fusion. B2A is provided as a lyophilized powder, then rehydrated at the point of use. Find out more.

Phase 2
B2A works at the cellular level to stimulate bone repair based on collective
in vivo and in vitro data.

Ceramic Granules Provide Bone-Growth Scaffold

The ceramic granules used in Amplex have been cleared in the U.S. for bone graft applications.4 This material is structurally similar to native bone and has characteristics associated with improved bone formation.5 In the Amplex application, the ceramic granules act as a scaffold for bone cells to infiltrate and help initiate the cellular repair process. Over time, the ceramic granules are resorbed and replaced by newly developed bone.

Ceramic Granules Provide Bone-Growth Scaffold
The granules provide an optimized scaffold for new bone cells.

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